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  1. Membership in the Fort St. John Stock Car Club gives a person the right to drive in Taylor Speedway races, vote at general meetings, run for election to the Board of Directors, and receive monthly newsletters. Memberships will run from January to December yearly at a cost of $25.00. Car numbers must be purchased once for $10.00, if a car takes time off from racing the car number will be saved for 2 years, then will become available to purchase by someone else.
  2. Race Day entrance Fees:
    Car & Driver $35.00 , gives each racer the privilege of racing during that race day. Each car is allowed to bring four pit crew members into the pits with him/her. Junior car & driver $25.00
  3. Pit Crew: $5.00/member, $10.00/non member per person per event. Every driver must be a paid member to drive in any event at the Taylor Speedway.
  4. All engines must be shut off until the driver's meeting or flag meeting is finished. All race participants MUST ATTEND drivers or flag meetings.
    [FINE: $20.00 or "on the hook".]
  5. Lap counters and the flag man are not to be approached or questioned at any time during the race. The flag man may, at his/her discretion, entertain questions as to his/her calls after the race day is completed. The driver may only ask these questions or crew chief within a half hour after race day is completed.
    [FINE: $40.00]
  6. All drivers must know the meaning of all the flags and obey them.


Race is started, no passing until across start-finish line. If two or more cars are racing side by side, Flag person will decide the position.
The first green flag must be taken in all heats to obtain points.
The green flag does not have to be taken in the main to obtain points, but you must have taken the first green flag in all your heats to obtain points in the main event.

Decelerate and form single line, no passing. Continue in single line until cars are lined up as to racing position at last completed green lap (lap counter decision). If any car passes, that car will go to the back of the pack.

Rolled up black:
Warning only as to infraction of racing rules. Do not do it again.

Full out black:
Pull out of traffic flow and slow down. Pull into pits as soon as possible. Starter will give reason for flag if requested.

Come to a complete and safe stop. Do not stop immediately in order for the cars behind to come to a safe stop. First car to receive a red flag should proceed to a position, if possible, where the driver can have a clear view of the flag stand,
[i.e. #2 corner]. When directed, proceed to start-finish line for reline position.

Black with orange dot rolled up:
Car has mechanical trouble of which the driver may not be aware. Go to pits at the driver's discretion.

Black with orange dot full out:
Car has mechanical trouble, which the Flag person has deemed un-safe. You must report to the pits immediately to get repairs. The car and driver may re-enter race safely after repairs are made and passed by the officials in the pits.

Blue with yellow stripe:
Indicates car to hold its position, as it is about to be lapped.

Final lap of the race.

Race is over, no extra laps except winning car proceeds to start-finish line to accept award. In case of close finish by two or more cars, flag person will decide finishing position.

  1. Any minor (under 19) involved as an official, driver of car, or as a member of the pit crew must have written consent of a parent or guardian. No persons under 14 years will be allowed in the pits during racing. All drivers must have a valid driver's license. "N" Novice Drivers License is considered valid. In the event of a suspension, track suspension will be reviewed after club president has received a written request.
    [Fine: $100.00, car suspended for one race day.]
  2. All persons in the pit area during racing must have a signed waiver. Be wearing the pit pass, and must be wearing fire retardant coveralls or fire suits.
    [Fine: One warning, and then "on the hook"].
    [Clothing violation only: $40.00 Fine, then "on the hook"].
  3. All designated race cars must participate in wheel packing, according to race official's discretion.
  4. All race cars must be at the track at least two hours prior to race time i.e. back of the pack, or Pit Marshall's discretion.
  5. All race car rules stand good for the 2009 race year.
  6. Any abuse of officials warrants a $50.00 fine.
  7. Board of Directors can investigate written complaints from the sponsors and businesses in the area that pertain to unethical dealings with such persons assuming stock car association identity and have the power to refuse racing privileges.
  8. The flag man or Pit Marshall may levy fines for irresponsible or dangerous driving during a regular or special race day. [fine $20.00] may also be put "on the hook"
  9. All crew members must be active participants. If anyone is considered to be loitering, the person will be sent to the stands at the official's discretion.
  10. No car shall carry more than one person at a time unless authorized to do so by the Pit Marshall.
  11. One member of a car's crew must be at the car at all times during the race meet. Driver is responsible for his/her car and crew during a race event. [fine: $20.00]
  12. No racing participant may consume or be under the influence of alcohol or drugs during a race event. Violations will be cause for expulsion from track for race day, as well as fines and/or point adjustment subject to the discretion of the Board of Directors. Minimum fine: $100.00 and "on the hook"
  13. a) Tow money will not be paid to those racing for points.
    b) Registered cars from out of town (anyone outside of a 100km radius of Taylor) will be paid $150.00 tow money.
  14. Registered cars from in town that do not attend their regular scheduled work-bees will also be charged $40.00 user's fee the first time. The fee will be raised to $80.00 after the second work-bee is missed. The car will not be allowed to race on the race day following the third work-bee missed. Work bee attendance list will not be signed until the end of the day.
  15. All drivers must wear SNELL , or DOT approved helmets, goggles, or face shields, fire retardant coveralls or racing suit and safety equipment whenever on the track. This includes warming up the car and wheel packing.
  16. Any driver involved in an accident must submit to a check over by the first aid attendant or car will not be permitted to continue racing that day.
  17. a) In an accident situation only one crew member is permitted to enter the track when safe.
    b) In a red flag situation, only one crew member from each car is allowed on the track with approval from track official(s). Repairs made by hand only i.e. pull fender from wheel. Cleaning of visor and windshields will be allowed. FINE $20.00 and repositioned to the back of the pack.
  18. Pit speed limit is 10mph. FINE $20.00. Repeat offenders during the racing year will be subject to doubled fines for each violation.
  19. Following races, pit stalls must be left in a clean & unlettered condition. FINE $40.00
  20. One representative of racing age from each registered car belonged to the Fort St. John Stock Car Club must be present for track maintenance and clean-up at the date and time specified by the track maintenance man or appointee. FINE$40.00
  21. Any protest as to the legality of a car must be submitted in writing to the technical committee and must contain specific reason or reasons for the complaint, and deposit. If the complaint will require a check for safety or measurable legality only, the signature of one car must accompany a deposit of $50.00. If the complaint will require that any part of the car be dismantled, the signature of three cars must accompany a deposit of $150.00. If the car is found legal, the deposit will go to the car owner to pay for gaskets, etc. If the car is found illegal, the deposit will be refunded. The technical committee will use their discretion in making a decision. The persons making protest may or may not be made public, according to the protester's discretion. Time and place of teardown to be made by technical committee. That cars crew as directed by the tech committee must make any tear down of protested car required by technical committee. All protests must be made within one half hour of the end of the race. Only drivers are able to make protests. Any car found illegal on teardown will lose a minimum of 50% of its accumulated points for the year and may be subjected to a maximum complete suspension from racing. The technical committee has the authority to tear down on suspect of illegality provided the club pays the $150.00 deposit and has the approval of 3 executive members. If found to be legal, car owner receives the $150.00 to cover gasket costs, etc.
  22. The Pit Marshall shall retain his/her authority to park any car is he/she deems necessary, and an automatic one-race suspension for the following race day for fingering, or other obscene motions. The second offence to be an automatic suspension for the remainder of the year for the driver and crew.
  23. Cars are not allowed to enter the track until directed to do so by the Pit Marshall. This rule applies to returning to the race after a pit stop as well. Cars may enter the track from pit area only by the designated entrance. Entering at any other point will result in being black flagged for the race.
  24. All cars must be staged for races when the white flag falls for the proceeding event. Failure to comply will result in being placed at the back of the pack. Events will not be held up to wait for YOU . If there is legitimate reason that you will not be able to stage in your designated position for the time trails but will be ready before time trails are completed, you may ask the Pit Marshall if you can be repositioned. This request must be made in a reasonable amount of time before time trails begin, and the decision of the Pit Marshall is FINAL!
  25. Cars must enter the pits by the pit road between corners 2 and 3. Exception will be made for a car experiencing problems, which make it difficult to reach the pit road. In this case you may enter the pits only when it is safe to do so.
    [FINE: $20.00]
  26. On a yellow flag restart the Pit Marshall will hold up the position board. After passing the board all cars have one lap to reposition them selves in the designated order for restart and be ready for the green flag on the second lap. Any car not in position by the second lap may be black flagged. Remember you have only one lap to be repositioned so if you are the lead car, set a slow pace to allow the other cars to reposition themselves.
  27. While lapping in preparation for the start or restart of a race, the pole or lead car is responsible for setting the pace. If this car is lapping too fast, the flag man will signal once for the car to slow down. If the car does not comply he/she will be flagged to the back of the pack for that race. Additionally, any car that fails to take his/her designated position in the pack after being signaled once to do so will be flagged to the back of the pack.
  28. In the event of a yellow flag, cars will be positioned in single file for the restart according to the order of the last lap COMPLETED under green flag.
  29. Any car entering the pits under yellow or red flag conditions will be positioned at the back of the pack for restart.
  30. If a car is out of action on the track while a race is in progress, the driver must remain in the car with the seatbelt fastened and helmet on until the race is stopped. This does not apply to fire or rollover. Any driver not complying with this rule will lose 20% of that driver's (meaning main driver, mechanic driver, or lady driver) accumulated points for the year.
  31. Crew chief must obtain permission from an official in a red flag situation to make slow laps because of heating problems or clutch problems, etc.
  32. After race day is officially over, club executive will rule on conduct of any persons involved in a racecar.
  33. Automatic $100.00 FINE will be assessed for destroying club property, plus restitution.
  34. The pit Marshall or his/her assistant shall be the sole authority in the pits in regard to the running of the race.
  35. All fines with regard to the above rules will be at the discretion of the Pit Marshall, and shall be in accordance with the accompanying guidelines, which set the minimums. Fines shall not exceed $500.00 according to the discretion of the Board of Directors. All fines shall be paid before the next race day\, or car will not be permitted on the track.
  36. Drivers must be able to reach all driver controls, [i.e. kill switch, etc.]
  37. Drivers must be able to reach the gas & brake pedals without an apparatus attached to the pedals.
  38. Drivers must be set in seat properly and all supports must be properly conformed to seat.
  39. Single digit numbers for cars is allowed.
  40. The number "1" will only be used by the past champion.
  41. If there are less than four cars in any heat or main event at the start of the race day, each car participating in the races for that day will receive 5 points towards year end points and trophies for 1st and 2nd will be presented at the end of the day.
  42. Lady drivers will be allowed to race in ladies and mechanics races in any one class.
  43. All members can vote on pit crew, sportsman, and volunteer of the year.
  44. In order to be eligible for sportsman of the year you must be a participating driver and a member of the club.
  45. Rules in a class can only be changed during running season with 100% vote of all registered drivers in the class that it pertains to. One vote per car must have a representative at the meetings. The only exceptions will be safety issues.
  46. Race belts (harnesses) in Mini's, Sports, Bombers, And Street Class- Are not to be more than 5 years old.


9oz. Borax
4oz. Boric Acid
One Gallon Warm Water
Dissolve thoroughly. Dip coveralls and hang to dry.
Repeat after each time clothing is washed.
Save any unused solution as it may be used again.

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